Pregnancy reflexology

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Since having my daughter I always suffered from sciatica, and running makes it much more sensitive. When training for my recent half marathon I saw Juliet more often than I ever imagined needing to. One time it was: my quad, hamstring on the left and my calf on the right. I was like the walking wounded, but I always felt better after a session with Juliet. Most times during training were very intense and painful but she always asked how I was feeling with the pressure, told me to brace myself when I needed to, I know its all about ‘no pain, no gain’ which was mainly what got me through my sessions with her, cause I always felt much better after it.
Being local really helps and the ambiance in her home studio is perfect.
Highly recommend Juliet for both a relaxing massage and to help with sports injuries. She deals with both equally well. Nureena, Kingston

I have some old injuries which can cause severe pain in my neck, shoulders and lower back which causes terrible headaches, sleepless nights and general bad moods. A friend recommended that I see Juliet for her massages and I have to say, I have been to see many people and nothing has helped but Juliet has changed all this. Juliet’s technique and attention to detail is incredible. Juliet has magic hands and by seeing her regularly for treatment I am now feeling so much more flexible, I sleep so much better, I hardly have any headaches anymore. I highly recommend Juliet for her massages. I simply cant live without them! Pam, Putney

I am a regular gym goer and train with weights so often suffer with pain and tension in my lower back and shoulders.  Juliet has excellent pressure and she is able to find all the knots and work these out effectively. I always feel pain free after my massages with her. Stuart, Surbiton

I highly recommend Wellbeing Upon Thames. I have regular reflexology sessions and find these to be most beneficial to my wellbeing and health. I immediately relax the minute I step inside the treatment room, often falling asleep during the hour’s session. I am now having leg massages in addition to the reflexology – the treatments complement each other and are helping reduce the swelling in my legs/ankles. I love this “me-time”. Book a reflexology or massage now – you won’t be disappointed.
Susan, Kingston

After having struggled with intense headaches for many years I have almost tried every single treatment possible. I have tried massage before hoping it would work, however it was not very efficient. After my first deep tissue massage appointment with Juliet I could clearly feel the instant improvement! Her techniques made my headaches go away. I would strongly recommend her massage to anyone that struggles with similar problems. Amalie, Richmond

I had reflexology a few years ago and enjoyed the experience but never really felt 100% at ease with the therapists giving the treatment. I contacted Juliet at Wellbeing upon Thames with various problems relating to a shoulder and back injury. I believe that Juliet has helped in resolving these problems. I find Juliet extremely attentive to my needs. She is very professional and I feel at ease during the sessions. Her treatment room is spotless and relaxing and her prices are very competitive. Even my partner has noticed the benefits and has started going to Juliet as well! Anna, Kingston

When I was pregnant with my second child I was feeling very nervous as the due date approached, and decided to book myself an appointment with Juliet for reflexology. (My first baby was delivered by emergency Ceasarian Section, which I found very traumatic at the time. It also took me a very long time to recover from the operation.) The treatments with Juliet were deeply relaxing, and  it was only a few days later that my waters broke. I managed to do most of my labour without any pain relief at home. I have no doubt in my mind that the reflexology I had with Juliet helped me to achieve this. I enjoyed my treatments so much with her, that I still continue to see her for post pregnancy support. Her treatments continue to transport me into a world of deep relaxation. Louisa, SW London

I found Juliet through searching on the internet and it was the best thing I ever did.  From the start Juliet was incredibly professional, warm and kind.  I explained to her that I had Polycystic Ovaries and that I was hoping to start a family soon.  I went along to my first appointment and her studio is very inviting, I instantly felt relaxed and I hadn’t even had the treatment yet.  For me, Reflexology is the best treatment I have ever had.  It was so relaxing I dosed off at times.  My reason for going to see Juliet was because I had heard reflexology could help with fertility problems.  I had 4 weekly sessions with her and found out I was pregnant!  I will be returning to see her at the start of my last trimester so she can help prepare me for labour.  I can’t wait for my next treatment!  I would highly recommend Juliet. Rebecca, New Malden

I started having reflexology treatments after a complicated miscarriage. Sessions with Juliet have been amazing; she is a wonderful therapist and I now feel able to embark on another IVF cycle with Juliet’s continued support.AJ, Surrey

I have regular reflexology treatments with Juliet and find it the most relaxing experience. It really helps with stress and anxiety and I would recommend it for anyone who wants to feel more balanced in body and mind. Tania, Twickenham

I decided to try reflexology to work on some recurring back problems. I found Juliet online and decided to go for  a trial session at the end of which I decided to sign up for 6 more. I found every session very relaxing both for body and mind and thoroughly enjoyed Juliet’s technique. Not only do you get a terrific foot massage in a relaxing environment but you actually get a treatment that works. I found that my back and shoulders felt better at the end of the process.  I was also amazed how accurately Juliet could assess my physical state on a given day through simple pressure on various areas of the foot. Celine, Surbiton

I was overdue with my second baby and booked Juliet for a treatment as I was going to be induced the next day. It worked like a charm and I went into labour that night. My baby girl was born after a five hour labour. Loryn, Epsom